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Dear You,

This was once my "main" blog so don't be surprised if the entries on my archives from June-July 2008 are not Q&A posts.
I've already moved to my new happy place and if you just read carefully, you'll figure out where to find me! Haha! =)
If you want to read more about me, you could drop by my previous sites-- choose from my: OLDER BLOG or OLDEST BLOG.

X's and O's,
Luv, N! ♥

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The Carebears don't care.

Past The Expiration Date?

♥ Friday, August 8, 2008 -- 10:43 PM

1. whats your favorite place in new york city? mine's MoMA xoxo, Shang :D
-- Hi Shang! =)) I like your question ah! Haha! Buti ka pa nakita mo na MoMA.. ako I've never been there! Huhu!! Loohooser ba? Haha! Ma-try nga mabisita yan minsan. Hmm, okay so about your Q.. fav ko siguro, aside from Central Park is 7th Ave.. dun ko kasi feel na feel na nasa NY talaga ako eh! Haha! =)

2. Do you still feel homesick paminsan? Anong food sa Pilipinas ang pinakanamimiss mong kainin? -Tric
-- Hi Hotness!! =) IMY!! Oo naman, naho-homesick ako... um, araw-araw?!? Haha! Pero yung food, nako hindi ko yan namimiss kasi 2 subway stops away from our place meron parang "Filipinotown" na puro Filipino resto's tsaka Filipino food kaya nakakakain parin ako ng aking favorite, Kare-Kare! Haha! =)))

3. Type in the question here.
-- ?? Lagay ko kaya IP add mo?? Haha! =P

4. i miss you! :c
-- Aww, sino to? IMY too kahit hindi mo iniwan yung name mo! =) Haha!

5. Okay, question: Shall I link your *toot* or should it be private, only between us girls? Hehehe! :> Missing you more!! :)
-- Hi! Sino to?? =))) I changed the ___ word to *toot* kasi baka may makabasa nito na hindi dapat makabasa eh. So ayun... haha, hindi naman private na private yung new happy place ko so yea, pwede mo i-link! =) Thank you, kung sino ka man! =)))

6. Ate nads.. how's *toot*? Mahirap ba sya gamitin/icustomize? Updated your link btw. -Dre
-- Hi Andeng! Haha! Thanks ah! Nako, hindi naman mashado mahirap.. I'm sure ikaw madadalian ka kasi marunong at magaling ka naman sa codes no! Masaya sa *toot*! Haha! New happy place ko talaga siya! =))) Uy, tapos sorry hindi ko pa kayo malink kasi hindi ko pa nafifigure-out kung pano yung codes para dun! Dibale, papagaralan ko yun talaga ASAP.


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♥ Tuesday, August 5, 2008 -- 5:07 PM

(You can ask/tell me anything: Just type something on the box to your right-- Easy Peasy, righty?)

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Read it and weep.
♥ Thursday, July 31, 2008 -- 10:49 AM

Is this Serendipity, you tell me--

I thought about you yesterday
and while I was reminiscing, I bit my tongue.

So tell me, was that a coincidence? Or where you thinking about me too at exactly the same time I was thinking about you?

Or should I look at this as,
"when I think about you, I hurt myself."

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Proud ka ba?
♥ Thursday, July 24, 2008 -- 10:43 AM

Kung oo, ano pang hinihintay mo?


Ipagdiwang natin ang pagiging Pilipino!
Tara na, sumali ka na!

* Para sa iba pang mga detalye, bisitahin lang ito: http://gfolio.multiply.com/ *

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Kung gusto mong umiyak...
♥ Tuesday, July 22, 2008 -- 3:25 PM

Panoorin mo to.

This was one of the clips they featured at Today this morning. I was crying with Meredith (one of the anchors of the show) while watching this and all along I thought we were weird, emotional females because one of her co-anchors reprimanded her for shedding tears... Apparently (and thankfully!), I was wrong --and so were you Matt (the co-anchor)!-- because when I searched for the video in YouTube, the comment section was filled with "I love this, it made me cry!" remarks.

...And I don't know if it's because of the cheesy background song, the bulls-eye message at the end or the way Christian the lion affectionately reacted when he saw his "parents" but I still bawl even after having watched this more than ten times.

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Hindi masaya.
♥ Sunday, July 6, 2008 -- 11:05 PM

10 seconds lang, promise...
isa lang...
10. ='(

Hindi mo ba alam yung 3 month rule? Lahat ng taong NAINLOVE at nakipagbreak alam yun! MAGHIHINTAY KA MUNA! 3 BUWAN.. 3 buwan bago ka makipagrelasyon ulit! HINDI MO ALAM YUN?
Ba't ba kasi kating-kati kang palitan ako? Lahat naman ginawa ko ah! Ano pa bang gusto mong gawin ko?
Putangina naman, ganyan ka ba katigas?
MAHAL NA MAHAL kita eh. Kahit ang sakit sakit na.

AKO! Ako yung problema! Kasi nasasaktan ako kahit di naman ako dapat nasasaktan.
Sana kaya ko nalang tiisin yung sakit na nararamdaman ko kasi ako naman yung humiling nito diba? Ako yung may gusto. Sana kaya ko nalang sabihin sayo na masaya ako para sayo. Sana kaya ko... SANA KAYA KO. Pero hindi eh.
Ang sama sama kong tao, kasi ang totoo UMAASA PARIN AKOng sabihin mo na AKO PARIN.. AKO NALANG.. AKO NALANG ULIT.

Kasi malapit na mag isang taon?

Baka kaya tayo iniiwan ng mga taong mahal natin eh kasi baka may bagong dadating na mas okay... na mas mamahalin tayo. Yung taong hindi tayo sasaktan... at paaasahin.


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No skeletons in this closet!
♥ Monday, June 30, 2008 -- 9:18 AM

Only in NY: They held a gay parade in Manhattan!

I'm not sure if they had been doing this for the past years but it was my first time to witness such yesterday! Haha! It was super funny! The "HAPPY" people were in their big bikes, honking, shouting and waving their flags non-stop! It was sooo cool! =D

That's what their flag looks like! Rainbow colors! =*

I took a short video while they passed us (this was nearing the end of the pile already so they weren't as many and as noisy)...

I took it infront of THEE Carnegie Hall. We watched several choirs perform Latin songs and they were great! The musical arrangement was simply enchanting! It was also my first time to see Carnegie Hall-- they say only REAL artists are given the chance to perform there-- it's THAT exclusive. Sadly, they have a "no photography allowed" policy so I wasn't able to shoot some pics.

Oh, and before the show, we had brunch at this very, very, very posh Russian restaurant (forgot the name!!! ARG!) along West 57th St. The place was beautiful! And you know what, even their waiters were beautiful! Haha! I love being served by beautiful people! Haha! Good food + a hot guy at your beck and call = HEAVEN! Woohoo!! =D

Aaaaand, since were talking gay here. Haha! Who would your GIRL-CRUSH (for girls!) / MAN-CRUSH (for guys!) be???

Mine are:

Kristin Kreuk!
(My first everrrr girl crush!! Haha!! Smallville moments, yo!)

Elisha Cuthbert!
(Loved her at The Girl Next Door! Woohoo! Pornstar neighbor-- every guys fantasy!!)

Leighton Meester!
(Ofcourse! Mi idolo! Haha! My inspiration for my current addiction, BLAIREbands! Haha!)


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The African American accent.
♥ Sunday, June 29, 2008 -- 6:57 AM

I can't believe Pacquiao won-- AGAIN!

It's not that I want him to lose. Hmm, no. I take that back. I DO want to see him lose-- A LITTLE. Haha. You know, not major knock out... just a few scratches here and there kind of loss. Haha! I'm mean, I know! But see that's just who I am. During fights, I always take sides with the losing team. Haha. So yun.

Anyways, in lieu of this (naks, pa-sosing sentence! Haha!), I remembered something that happened months (or was that a year?) ago.

Here's the sitch:
Our TV broke down- (but at that time we didn't know that it was the TV that had the problem, we thought it was our cable box)- so my Mom called Time Warner (cable provider). They advised us to wait for the cable guy that was gonna come at around mid-day the next day. Since Mom had to go to work, I was the one assigned to wait for the guy.

So okay, fast forward to the next day... Cable guy comes and checks out what the problem might be. After figuring it out, he proceeds to checking me out (haha, napaka-humble? Haha, pero seryoso to!). So yan, here's how our conversation was like... oh but bear in mind that I was just on my 1st or 2nd month here so I still wasn't used to talking to someone that had an African American accent (asus! Palusot! Haha!). So there...

Shawn (cable guy): So, where you from?
Me: Uh, from the Philippines.
S: Oh. Thaz' cool, thaz' cool! You don't look like it tho'. Thaz' cool!
M: Thanks! =)
S: (Says something which I really didn't understand-- all I got was the word "BOX", so I said..)
M: Ya, the Balikbayan box?
S: (gives me a puzzled look!)
M: Why?
S: No, the name's Pek.. Pek... PEK-YAO (Pacquiao with an accent!).
M: OH!! THE BOXer, Manny Pacquiao, ya I know him! =D

Haha. Laughtrip talaga ako! =D
So yun, wala lang! Good times, good times! Haha! First ka-fling ko yun dito! Ma-text nga yun mamaya! =D Haha! Malandi! =)


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A little boutique called Jin-Jaya-Ji. =P
♥ Saturday, June 28, 2008 -- 4:40 PM

Okay so I'm not really in the mood to update but since it's raining right now and I have nothing better to do because I can't go out (well, I can study.. but nah! I don't wanna! Haha!), I'm doin' it! LOL! =P

So okay, as you may (or may not) know, Spring Session 2 just started last Monday for us LaGuardians. Classes will only last for 6 weeks so we already had our very first quiz last Wednesday in Anatomy. Anyways school's still school. It's still b o r i n g. Even typing about school bores the heck out of me! But oh, my Spanish class was cool! We're still on the basics but I'm really enjoying it a lot! Okay so maybe school isn't really that bad.. I've also met some new faces (potential friends?) which is great! My classmates in Spanish were funny and since my Anatomy class is really small (around 17 people only), we bonded outright.

Okay, now for the fun stuff! Haha! I have been shopping yet again and I love it!

Here are the 3 tops I got from H&M! Haha!

(Because I'm such sucker for cheap thrills!)
They were 50cents each (2 BLAIREbands and 2 cutie scrunchies) and I love them! Haha!

I also wanted this one but I didn't get it because I bought a white one (pics to follow)!

Hoodie loooove! =)

Aaaaand just this morning...
Old Navy had their weekend summer sale and they sold their flip-flops for a buck!
I bought 3! Haha! Whatchathink?? 3 flippies for just $3, seriously!! =P

That's baby blue, shocking pink and black for you! Haha! The lighting's just nasty so it didn't come out right.

There ya go! Haha! And yum! My current addiction:

Jamba Juice provided free smoothies for us yet again! Yumyumyum!! =D

Oookhay, the rain stopped! Guess that means I'm out!
Byee!! =D

P.S. Mayee gave me an award! Woohoo!! Thank you soo much little sister!! ILY!!! =)

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♥ Sunday, June 22, 2008 -- 11:35 AM

A friend once told me that a surefire way to know if you're really over someone-- yes, in the romantic way, is when you can talk (or think) about that person without having any ill feelings at all.

Coincidentally, just a few hours ago, I came across a re-run of Everybody loves Raymond, and the episode was about Robert's (Raymond's brother) wedding. The scene that stuck with me the most was when Raymond was giving his Bestman speech. He talked about "editing"... to only remember the good times and "edit" out the not-so-good times in every relationship.

It then got me thinking about that ex-someone, and the memories we had as a couple. I reminisced on the moments we've shared... back during those heart-melting times you wished would just never end. And whenever my brain would switch to those scenes that were not so good to remember, I tried to edit them out. Haha. And I succeeded. =)

Honestly, now, there's no more hate. At one point, I even began missing that someone. Haha. Afterall, he HAS been once a part of me. =)

*It was after school and they were inside the jeepney. When she leaned over to him to give the driver their fare, he gave her a peck on the forehead. That simple gesture made by him made her want to melt infront of all the other passengers looking.*

*It was nearing Christmas and she was still figuring out what to give to him. She knew what he really wanted was an Adidas jacket (because he told her!), and so that was what she got. She on the other hand told him that she wanted the biggest teddy bear in Blue Magic. Haha! Christmas came and the package she got was only a little over 10 inches long and about an inch wide. It certainly wouldn't fit even the smallest teddy inside. She opened it and found a pink rectangular-shaped pillow with the three magic words on it. It REALLY disappointed her. A day later, they met. He was wearing the jacket. Meanwhile, she was pissed and her actions showed it. He on the other hand had a plan which she didn't know about... After eating lunch, he took her hand and inserted something inside her finger while saying "Akala mo yun lang no?" It was a ring. Their ring (since he also had one). She laughed while tears slowly fell down her cheeks and she punched him, hard! Haha!*

*She still wears the necklace he gave to her during her birthday, from time to time. It would always remind her that no matter what happens, he would always have a place inside her heart.*

*One time, during a 4-hour class interval (break), he went to her dorm and they just listened to their favorite radio station, Magic 89.9, till they both fell asleep. It was raining outside and it got really cold inside her room since they forgot to close the windows, but his hugs kept her warm and cozy. It was one of the best 2-hour naps she has ever had.*

*She was about to leave for the States so her highschool friends planned to have a sleepover. Before going to her friend's house, he accompanied her to Manila Memorial to visit her Dad. It was raining (again!) that afternoon but he made sure she wouldn't get wet by holding the umbrella for both of them. He also made sure that the candle they lit for her father would always have a light.. and so whenever raindrops or winds knock the light out, he would brave out of their umbrella cocoon and risk getting sick and wet to put some light back on the wick again.*

*Whenever he would take pictures of them using his phone's camera, he would always make sure she had the bigger space inside the frame! Haha!*

*Whenever they would fight, he would always rub her stomach to calm her down... and more often than not it would. Not only because she would start to laugh because it would tickle her, but also because it's her "weak point", and he knew that it would always have that effect on her.*

*When they were still friends, he would pinch her lightly on the cheeks whenever they would pass by each other at school. Eventhough she felt really kilig when he did that, she would always retaliate with a pinch-with-nails on his lower arm and one time, it bled. Haha!*

*One time, he changed her phone's welcome note... but since she always kept her phone charged, she never got to see it. One day, he got tired of waiting for her to mention something about it to him that he just blew his cover and asked her to turn of her phone and look at the "surprise message" he did for her! Haha!*

*Whenever they were in a public place, he would suddenly break out into a dance and bust-a-groove out of nowhere. At first she thought it was funny, but after he doing it sooo many times, it began to irritate her already. One time he did it again, and so she sang out loud and out of tune. People started looking at them because they were acting really silly but they didn't care. Whenever they were together, she would always be on a party-mood. He would always put her on a high, no ecstasy could ever provide.*

*Whenever he'd tell her about the plans he had for their future, it would make her feel as if she was the prettiest girl in the entire universe. Whenever he did that, he made her feel she was more than a princess... he made her feel she was a Queen.*

*There was this time when she stopped going to school because she was getting ready to migrate to the U.S. Eventhough they would not see each other so much during those times, she never felt alone for he always called and texted every chance he got. He even sprayed on his perfume on her cellphone's neck strap so she could always smell him eventhough they were kilometers apart.*

*After a week of being together, he introduced her to his sister... and 3 weeks after that, his Mom. He has never done this to any other girl except her. Nothing would ever compare to what she felt when she found out about that.*

I hope he would get the chance to read this, but then maybe he wouldn't. Haha.
I hope you still remember them! =P Anyways whatever, I just wanted you to know that I still remember... everything.

Well maybe not everything... just the good ones starting now.
'Cause that's what "editing's" for.

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